Say Amen

Words dripping poison, oil slicked teeth

Pouring from the maw of your neighborhood priest

Lecherous, salacious, covetous, vicious

Fangs coated crimson, visage of the beast.

“Don’t bathe in his water; the church of the devil,”

His voice, it’s quavering, his hands, they’re shaking

As he cries from the pulpit, bare knuckles white

“And the kingdom of Satan, darkness, is breaking.”

Spitting venom across through the hearts of men,

A snake in the crib, a boar in the bed

Divide the souls: good from the bad,

Right from wrong, by the shackles they’re led

Into a hell of your own creation.

Finding nothing but your words of deceit

Call fire from the heavens themselves,

Let us burn on your cross of lies and defeat.

You, the only who are saved, depraved

Devoid of love, kill the still beating heart

Dishonest, haul the shackles of the enslaved

Bring us back to the primitive, back to the start.

I wouldn’t know I was evil today

Unless you told me every week

I wouldn’t know to hate myself,

Lest you told me I was a freak.

I learned from your hate, decided my fate

I learned from your loss hanged on a cross.

I’d rather burn in my own mind,

Than ever fall in with your kind.

Come, all ye saints;

Say Amen.



Published by: raptorpatton

I'm just me, nothing too crazy or special. I enjoy writing, but it's only recently that I've begun doing it seriously with regularity, so be patient with my strange form. I love talking to people and getting to know more about how humanity works, so if you have anything to say about my blog, please by all means tell me!

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